Saturday, 10 January 2009


I'm in a hole at the moment as my email "Mail" (for the Mac) is corrupted and I am trying to think of ways to sort it.

O.K. .... Think the Opposite.

Turn everything off including the ON/OFF switch at the wall. Leave it alone and go and have a cup of coffee - that, honestly, for me, has always been the most effective course of action!

So time to play with some photos while I await INSPIRATION in the Trouble-Shooting Department. (Also the weather is howling outside which is dampening my intentions to head out for the day....)

Here is One Cool Dude in the sheep fank doing what Audi0-Visual Effects and Animation people do.

This is another of the neat books John and Mairi gave me for Christmas! I love it! Always one to look through the wrong end of the telescope I found this book an oasis in a desert of arid imagination!

Our photo-model shows up in the most unlikely places.

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