Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Over a cuppa, early this morning, I had a look at some of the books I was given at Christmas. One was the Good Food Guide. Now this is a book I have never bought, nor looked at even although 2 of my friends (whom I bring to the Wine & Dine nights) are really into this sort of thing. Actually, it made fascinating reading! As one would expect, there are ones I know from having visited and agree, and similarly have visited and disagree. Then at the other end of this broad spectrum of experience, there are ones I do not see on the list and feel are up there with the best (but would never write in to contribute because that would inevitably change the restaurant by the very fact of having done so).

I could write a long treatise on The Dining Experience based on the premise that the pleasure gained is directly related (should that be "a positive co-relation"?) to how you come to it. For example, Mairi and I, trauchled and weary took the 2 wee ones (2 years and 11 months) to a PlayPark in Possil - not the most salubrious part of Glasgow; it's where the old Blindcraft Factory used to be. We let the kiddies loose on the foam mats and frames and plonked ourselves down on the adjacent couches with the low coffee tables. She ordered 2 coffees and 2 blueberry muffins. I am here to tell you that was the best coffee I have EVER tasted! I didn't see the machine behind the counter (nor hear it which often completely ruins a meal for me in a restaurant) nor do I know the brand. Costa? Algies?

Anyhow I am sure we could all write a Good Food Guide to the Greater Glasgow Area based on our enjoyable meals out. I would start with just about any Italian restaurant.... Sartie's on Wellington Street for example. Another Guide could be Places Women can Eat Alone and Be Comfortable. Again, Sartie's gets full marks here.

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