Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Had a very pleasant day last week in Edinburgh due to Maggie organising 2 tickets to a food tasting event at Harvey Nichols. This Most Expensive Department Store happens to be right next door to the Edinburgh Bus Station in the city centre. So nothing for it but we hopped on the Edinburgh bus and toodled through.

A cuppa at the top floor cafe/food hall in Jenners was the Absolute Business! For one thing you perch on stools and look out on to Princes Street below with the Scott Monument just on the left and the Castle opposite up on that Big Rock.

The above photo is my attempt at using my mobile camera for a shot oot the windy. The circular lights are the ferris wheel which is erected on Princes Street cheek by jowl with Sir Walt seated neath his Victorian monument. Just as well the fellow is dead; he would turn in his grave to see the kitch 'n' kulture.

Never mind. The mince pies were worth it - the best I have EVER tasted. They had an almond ingredient in the pastry and were wee pies, not huge things full of glue.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I went through to the main part of Jenners and saw in the atrium - a real .... REAL .... floor to ceiling Christmas tree. And you could smell it! The camera photo is not up to the job but that's OK ... no camera could get the expanse of it all! And to add to the lights on the tree and drapping the balconies there was ... yes real toys for real boys: a (probably?) 18 inch long remote controlled toy helicopter buzzing around the space to the fascination of we two 'Mothers of Boys of All Ages' !!! What a neat bit of kit! Yours for a mere £60.

And for Chocoholics or Shoe - o - holics a Chocolate Shoe!

My feeling is that Candy Canes like this are the result of creeping Americanisation. While they have been here for a good few years they are what I associate with my childhood at this time of year. I loved the mint flavour and I always liked how they hung on the branches of a Christmas tree. Heavens! Who buys these things nowadays?

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