Monday, 29 December 2008


Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the wee ones waking up early and/or keeping folk awake half the night.

So it was with wee Alastair who kept chuntering in the night so that sleep for most of us was somewhat broken. Never mind! The only thing for it was to get him out of the house so people could get on with making breakfast and clearing up.

It was a cold morning dawn at 8:30 am and I pushed him in his pushchair out to greet the rising sun. The temperature was -0.5 degrees C.

An Alastiar-eye view east.

The road to the arboretum and the Hidden Garden.

Garden House in the morning light.

Early morning in The Sqaure.

The place is alive with numerous pheasants - male and female. Here are some feeding in the walled garden. A number of pheasant chicks were purchased with a view to future pheasant shoots. Either the birds have eluded the guns or the pheasant shoots never transpired ... there certainly are a lot of birds who have taken up residence!

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