Sunday, 28 December 2008


We all gathered from the airts and pairts at Dunira (Perthshire) for Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. Alastair and Dawn drove north early in the morning from where they had been staying at a hunting lodge B&B in the Lake District.

Mairi and John and wee Ish and wee Alasair set off from Glasgow; we set off from Helensburgh and collected Big Ish and Bruce in Stirling.

Duck (cooked by Iain) and Dumpling (cooked by me) for Dinner.

The Welcome Party was out for Alastair and Dawn's arrival! Iain played Alastair't tune that he wrote called Alastair Mhor.

Left to right: Mairi with Ish, Alastair and Dawn, Iseabail with wee Alastair in pushchair, Iain and Bruce. John was unloading the car.

Pressie Time

Wee Ishie and Mum. Ishie will be 2 years old next week (New Year's Eve).

Dawn and Alastair brought lots of fun things to the party. Here is a Rudolph Wannabe wearing her Oshkosk overalls!

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