Monday, 24 November 2008


The Bearsden Fiddlers 32nd Annual Rally was on Saturday and a good time was had by all. The Junior orchestra played at the beginning of the second half. Youngsters bring a freshness that no amount of talent in the Oldsters can bring. Two of our 15 year olds - lads - in the Young Fiddlers have fairly come on this year and produced a really good sound. It was much appreciated as the numbers were down due to flu. Everybody is down with it these days, kids included.

One of the dads of one of our 11 year olds was telling me now much the kids practice at home. Very heartening; they will always have this good grounding. Another dad was telling me how his 17 (going on 21) year old is away playing with a group now. This one plays by ear - wonderful! This dad spends 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off in his job in the oil industry in .... Kazakhstan. He was telling me during the afternoon the rehearsal about what an extremely risky business it is to build equipment which is to be used in the future to get oil out of the Caspian Sea. (As much oil there as Arabia, he tells me.)

Iain was the Fear-an-Tigh for the evening and because of this he kept the pace up through the evening. One thing these events are guilty of is that they run over time. Not this evening. The old folks, the familes and the youngsters get tired and so it is imperative to wind things up no later than 10 pm. As they say, Enough is as good as a Feast!

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