Monday, 17 November 2008


Iain and I did Granny Duty today as Big Ish was off with a flu bug. Ishie and Iain got dressed for the outdoors and went for a walk to Maggie and Brian's. Our Little Shirley Temple model can be seen wearing her lovely German cardigan in the bottom photo.

John arrived back on the scene to take over the sluicing down of wee Alastair who seems to have a sickness and diarrohea bug probably picked up from nursery.

When there is one less child to look after - no matter what the number - it is always easier! Ishie came back from her walk full of the joys. She'd had soup for lunch and was babbling away (incomprehensibly) about her visit. Her hair was wet from the walk and as a result she had the most amazing mass of curls!

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