Thursday, 9 October 2008


Problem solving does my head in! I can't receive emails. ( is my server.) Very puzzling. In these circumstances I have now developed a technique to, basically, save my sanity. The first thing I do is get up from the computer and make a cup of coffee.

Upon return I try to put my mind into the way I think a 10 year old might operate when it comes to problem-solving. This is because I hate problem-solving. Do you remember swimming pool questions at school? "How many gallons of water come out of a pool if it is x big and the amount of water going it is y."

The good news is that Google is absolutely the business in helping to think of questions to ask which then gets you on the right road for coming up with answers.

So for those other folk 'out there' who find themselves stuck as I do right now this is what to do:


[1] If your server is (is that UK based? I don't know. I am UK based.) go to this site here to check the STATUS. This is Most Useful as you can quickly assess if the problem is YOURS or THEIRS.

[2] You can check your email by going here. (This is what you do if you are abroad.) Click on MAIL in the top right column. If this doesn't work it means it is because of the red light in number 1.

[3] Some key words to type in Google: 'Virgin internet service is down" Don't ask the question; it is better to activate the verb in the form of the answer that you want.

Apologies to the Prague painter of the 19th century: Gabriel Cornelius Ritter von Max: The Ecstatic Virgin, Anna Katharina Emmerick, Munich 1885. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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