Sunday, 26 October 2008


It's been raining here in Helensburgh! (Apparently the Lake District had more rain this weekend than they normally get in a month!)

Somebody needs to turn the tap off!

Moments of sunshine between the deluges of the last 48 hours means that I am likely to get some 'weather' photos. This is Argyll Street which is at right angles to Colquhoun Street and is on my route to the shops.

Duck Bay on Loch Lomond. I am looking for a place for our German and Swedish visitors to stay next June. Many of the old haunts have been considerably smartened up I am delighted to see. There is an answer here somewhere; it will take some further 'research'!

A goose on the lawn of Cameron House which is on Loch Lomond. I checked out the hotel (5 star) - very smart, very expensive; very busy! Who stays in these places??!!

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