Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Is somebody up there looking after me? Is it good luck or good management (or, in my case, good driving....)?

I was involved in a traffic accident on the Loch Lomond road today. Having spent the day in Glasgow going to my piano lesson, then on the the Clyde Cruising Club to stuff envelopes and lastly enjoying a pleasant lunch with Maggie and Brian, I headed back to Helensburgh at 4 pm.

This view of Loch Lomond was taken by Iain last week when he was up on the hills behind Helensburgh on a gorgeous autumn day.

This is where I ended up ... in the grass (well, not this grass as this was taken 2 weeks ago in the Rest and Be Thankful).

A car coming in the opposite direction (i.e. east going towards Glasgow) crossed the white line into the path of the car - a big 4x4 - in front of me and they collided. Fortunately, either because I was not sitting on the tail of the car in front, or because I was not going really fast - only the same as everyone else on the road, or because I know how to handle a car in a skid.... whatever the reason, I managed to successfully steer clear of the pile-up in front of me by bumping onto the road edge and skating along, swerving around the rear end of the car in front of me, and ended up sliding through the wet grass and mud where I came to a halt. No damage done! Sheesh!

All the services - ambulance, firemen and the police - were there very quickly to set up a road block and attended to the person in the car who caused the accident. It appears the lady driver had been watched for several miles driving erratically. Somebody having a heart attack?

I was glad to get home! (View of pyrocantha and Ian G's roses outside our oriel window taken last week as the sun was setting in the late afternoon.)

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