Tuesday, 30 September 2008


The Oxfam shops have to be the best kept secret ever! The children's book section is always a treasure trove!

Ishie is now 21 months old and will sit with a book on her lap for 5 whole minutes. While she loves to be outside (and so does wee Alastair) once we come inside, she will settle absorbed in the pictures babbling to herself.

More words are starting to come. "Puddle" just about says it all!

Two wee charmers as we sashay around Bearsden Cross with people stopping in the street "Oh, look at those two!" The Oxfam ladies fairly coo over them!

Mums and babes get to-gether for coffee. Ishie and I go out walking around the block and invariably meet people we know on the street or in, for example, the butcher's or the newsagent's shop.

They will tumble about together quite happily. They laugh at each others' antics. It all bodes well for the future. Certainly, neither one gets cross when their hair is being pulled or a foot steps on the wrong place.

Two high chairs! Ish is cutting her molars and loves to chew on toast. The mess? .... Don't ask!

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