Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Tents are set up on the edge of the field where friends, neighbours, and visitors can meet and greet over a glass of beer.

This is Manny, Dietrich's friend, and a great fella! Manny treated us to his culinary creations both in the restaurant and on the back deck patio. For the Vieschield Festival he was dressed for the occasion and made the rest of us feel pale cardboard figures!

Pils is excellent beer and this size is not quite so daunting! We sat outside at a big picnic table having our lunch while inside the adjacent tent an acoustic band was keeping all the customers entertained with sing-along folk tunes.

It's hard work driving the cattle down from the high pastures. A fella gets a terrible thirst.... which of course brings its own logistical problems in such a public place...!

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