Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Today was Ellie's first hurl in a trolly!  

After a very busy couple of weeks (desktop publishing newsletter and a poster) I finally unplugged myself from the computer in order to start on other things.  There is nothing better than to take one of the little ones out on a nice day!

And a couple of photos from the past month:

Harriet and Ellie in the double pram.  Harriet has her stookie off now.

Ellie makes us laugh as we watch her going from sitting to ... well ... not quite vertical yet!

This photo is of  Ellie in our kitchen as Mairi feeds her some of my pumpkin pie.

I made this pie several weeks ago.  It really was Kitchen Therapy i.e. get into the kitchen on a wet Sunday.  I make pumpkin pie for no-one but myself, although I was pleased Ellie seemed to relish it .... well, at least she did not spit it out!) After nearly 50 years of feeding in our household, pumpkin pie is the one thing ... along with peanut butter ... that folk in this part of the world will simply not eat.  End of story!)


Monday, 14 September 2015


Autumn colours are in the garden these days. After a good spell of weather it rained heavily yesterday.  Nothing for it but to gather in the gladioli that were bent over and getting muddy.

They filled a Wedgewood vase (Iain's mother's from many years ago) and are giving us much pleasure on the sideboard.

Our orchestra practice is in Cairns Church every Sunday afternoon for 10 weeks.  We derive great pleasure from the flower arrangements on the pillars.

Thursday, 10 September 2015


Autumn flowers are for enjoying. 

Two lilies and a rose which have emerged in a sunny corner of the garden this week.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Today marks the day that the Queen has been on the throne for 63 years which is longer than any other British monarch, including her great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

Although it was Business As Usual today for The Queen and Prince Philip, who were opening the new Edinburgh to Berwick Railway service, my neighbour and I decided to mark the day in the only fitting way possible ... go out for afternoon tea!  

So we downed our garden tools and headed to Ross Priory on Loch Lomond for the afternoon.

Tea for two in the lounge.

Roses in the courtyard.
The only time I have ever seen the Queen was in October 1951 when she (as Princess Elizabeth) was visiting Canada.  She was traveling on the CPR train and made a whistle top at our little town, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, which is was (is!) on the CPR railway line.

Looking up on Google about the Canadian visit I see it was a few months before her father died.  Apparently she was due to leave by boat a month earlier. but "tragedy struck at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. King George VI's health took a visible turn for the worse.

He returned to London to see lung specialists. Later ... the King had to have lung surgery. Elizabeth delayed her visit by one week."

He died February 6, 1952.  Princess Elizabeth, who was in Kenya, immediately became Queen at the age of 25, 63 years ago.

Monday, 7 September 2015


Ellie is 7 months old and is now using the high chair.  She is also eating pureed food so is growing fast!

 Out in the park

In the garden.  Every gardener needs a teething ring and face cloth to hand!

Sunday, 6 September 2015


The sun is setting sooner each day now.

This is the sun going down out of my west window.

I  just caught the last of the light on these pansies today.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


We had a laugh at Alastair's expense on Sunday when they were all over for a meal in the back garden sit-ootery.

Alastair, 7 and and a half years old, is now missing his 2 front teeth.

At the back door I have 3 tomato plants given to me by my lovely neighbour, Jack.  Alastair loves raw vegetables so I showed him the tomatoes growing on the vine and that the idea was to pick and eat the ripe, red ones, not the green ones (which he had done last week and brought it in the house to show me).
There was only one problem - he couldn't bite into it 'cause he was missing his front teeth!  John and I told him that we should find a plant scientist and get him/her to produce a new variety of tomato that comes with 2 front teeth to enable 7 year olds to eat them!