Thursday, 6 July 2017


The summer days continue with a variation of grey sky and no rain to grey sky with rain.  Occasionally the sun comes out so it is a matter of grabbing 'summer' in snatches.

Everything is growing a lot.  In 'snatches' I manage to keep on top of the jobs - quite satisfying.  I also notice that the soil is improving now that a few years have gone by.  

The roses in particular have been big, blousey and abundant.  They are in a sunny corner and have stood up well so far.

Here is a photo of the orchid that appeared in Anne's garden.  I've made several attempts to photograph it but each time the breeze gets up or the sun goes behind a cloud.  I never realized it was so difficult!

Another summer snatch: the day declared itself - steady rain.  I got out the jars and filled them with beet and apple chutney.  Maggie's recipe.

Having burned my potholder on the gas hob I found this funky oven glove in the Oxfam shop.  Harriet will love it.  She's always keen to make something so this will be one for her on our next baking session. 

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Another candidate for inclusion in my 'Book of Bad Design'  - DYMO KITCHEN SCALES

These are my kitchen scales.  I had to move over to digital as I couldn't find any old fashioned ones (that were robust) when wishing to replace my old weighing scales.

The scales measure in both metric (grams) and avoirdupois (ounces and pounds).  I regularly use both so am always having to change.  The problem with the design of these scales is that it is almost impossible to see the 'unit of measurement' text  (OZ  or GM)  in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

What I do is take the scales to a strong light and tip it so I can read the OZ  or the GM text in the upper right corner.  To change is easy; punch the kg/lb button which operates as a toggle switch.

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