Saturday, 10 June 2017


The end of an eventful week. The election is over and we can all get back to normal... whatever that means.

Time to look on the bright side ... which means getting a laugh from the wee ones. i.e. the 2 Munchkins.
Harriet (4) and Ellie (2) were here this week for a few hours.  They are quite close and will stand up for each other if scolded by me.   They made me laugh:

Harriet must have been trying to get Ellie to do something without a lot of success and was getting exasperated:  "C'mon Ellie!  Make an effort!" in a Mummy tone of voice!

When we visited Alastair in New Jersey last month he was proudly showing us his new 'toy'.  It was a 3D printer.  He demonstrated the technology by printing us a house number from the plastic raw material which gets squirted out on to a platform located in a large printer box unit.

So Iain got them mounted today.

Talking of printers we both headed out to the local retail park to purchase a new printer.  It is one we are going to share. 

The young lady assistant was very helpful e.g. pointed out that I will now be able to print out images straight from my iPhone. 

While waiting for the card to process the purchase she asked, by way of conversation,  "Are you up to much today?"

I had to chuckle to myself as we live a very quiet life and I am sure most folk would answer along the lines of "We're going to do some more shopping" or whatever.  I just replied that we were heading home for a quiet afternoon in the garden.

However  I got thinking about that phrase.   I think I only ever use it in the  negative form, i.e. "I've not been up to much these days."  I don't think I have ever used it the other way around.  M-m-m-m ... but, yes, here is another way I would use it, also in the past tense:

"Been up to much lately?!

Pair of Mandarin Ducksy by Baresi Franco, Wikipedia


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