Friday, 15 July 2016


We are back from holiday. 

If ever I design a bumper sticker it would be along the lines of "VANCOUVER IS (STILL) A LOVELY CITY". Before getting locked into the 'working holiday' (when everyone else arrives) I enjoyed some time on my own to revisit some of my old haunts.  It is coming up 50 years since I spent 4 years at UBC.

False Creek is full of boats tied up at the pontoons situated between Granville Bridge and Burrard Bridge.  I still orient myself by the Molsen Clock which is at the north end of the Burrard Bridge.  Many a dark morning I drove past it as we headed to St Paul's Hospital for our nursing placement on the wards.

The walkway adjacent to the pontoons (absolutely packed with sail and motor boats) also has a place to buy fish.  I was struck by the sign that noted that this area was described as an "Eco-rated Marina".   

On the opposite side from the marina walkway was housing, lots of apartments with lily ponds instead of forecourts.  These 2 crows were tussling over some scraps as they perched on this wooden carved and painted sculpture with its outstretched arms.

Bard on the Beach Shakespearean drama plus other cultural events is still there in Vanier Park.  I bought an on-the-day ticket for "'Merry Wives of Windsor'.  As usual it was first class - more like Shakespeare with Stage Musical numbers stitching the acts together - and, as usual, there were empty seats in the 240 seat tent ... a real shame; it's got to be one of Vancouver's Best Kept Secrets!

This sculpture in the arrivals area at Vancouver International Airport made me laugh! It is 'luggage'... maybe called "Heavy Luggage'?!  I love the 'backpack' with the 2 wire 'straps' on the upper right.  So clever! (Didn't see sculptor's name nor can I find any information about it.)

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