Friday, 22 July 2016


The fertile trench of Central British Columbia, Washington and Oregon states (which lies between the Coast Range and the Rockies) has now got many vineyards which produce increasingly good wine.  This has all come about in roughly the last 50 years; Okanagan and USA orchardists took out the fruit trees and replaced them with grape vines.  

Our planned route to Portland went from from Kamloops where we had an overnight stay at Sun Peaks - seen here above.
We took the fastest route, i.e. the Coquihalla Pass and pressed on to Wenatchee.  No vineyards in them thar' mountains.  Okanagan vineyards anyone?.... miles away!

Never mind... maybe in Washington state or Oregon....

Ellie and I spent a lot of time together in the van.  Strapped in her car seat desperate measures were needed over the journey to keep her occupied.



 Shout from the driver 

"Who wants to go to a vineyard?!  
Grandma and Ellie give a pathetic cry from the back.  

"Who wants to go to a play park?"  
Loud chorous    "Yeh-h-h-h!"

Play park (actually this was in Merritt but one is much like another!)

Like Ellie and the Jenga blocks in the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel foyer ...  best laid plans come tumbling down!

Stick to whisky?!

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