Saturday, 16 July 2016


By means of an Air Canada (propeller) flight I paid a visit to an old friend from university, namely, Dave King who lives in Prince George.  

He and Judith showed me around the city and gave me a bit of the history of the area.  Their city park has a community garden with an impressive display of poppies.

Dave is very involved with the establishment of a trail in The Ancient Forest, in the form of a 1600 ft boardwalk, located a grove of trees 113 km east of Prince George. A full description is at

He was involved in deciding where to put the trail which is a circular route through an ancient grove of cedar trees. The trees are similar to coastal forest but, in fact, are located in the interior of British Columbia.

A squad of volunteers and local business contributions have enabled the building of the car park and trail.  It gives easy access to tourists driving up the main highway from Williams Lake to Prince George and is wheelchair friendly.

Cow parsley grows in the open areas of forest where, perhaps, an avalanche has cleared a stand of trees.

Dogwood flowers were in abundance growing on the forest floor or up sides of tree trunks.

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