Thursday, 7 April 2016


To get to the Holy Island it is necessary to drive across a causeway which joins the island to mainland Northumberland.  A critical detail of this journey is the fact that the causeway gets covered at high tide.

So the signs up up!

And as we know from sailing if get caught, e.g. going aground on a falling tide, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!  So we were careful to time our visit from when the tide was just low enough to be able to drive over the causeway and make our return before the rising tide covered it.

It's a lovely harbour.  There is a village there with overnight accommodation too.  If ever one wanted a Retreat, this would be the place.  It is easy to see why the monks of Lindisfarne chose it in the early days of Christianity.

Being ever mindful of boats in  harbours I took this photo of some boats on the shore.
This was me trying to be arty. John was driving. I was in the passenger seat.  I turned around and took this photo (iPhone) looking over my shoulder out through the back seat window.  (In the back on the whole of our trip was Baby Ellie in the car seat, Alastair in the middle and young Harriet in the second car seat behind me.)

What I did not notice until I looked at the photo in Photoshop was Harriet's handprints on the car window!  Ah-h-h-h ... instead of  calling this photo "Pilgrims on Their Return Walk from Lindisfarne" it might be better to label it "Holidays with the Grandchildren!"

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