Thursday, 7 January 2016


Good things come not in small packages but in a carrier bag from a lovely neighbour ringing our front doorbell!  

My neighbour, Gillian, was clearing out her cupboards and came across some wine that had been there for a few years.  Not being wine drinkers, would I like it?

I think this calls for (another) wine-tasting party.  The one we held 2 years ago in May for our Big Birthdays was such a success that I fancy repeating the event with the same friends and family who are up for a bit of sampling.  I am still in touch with the people who were in a wine-tasting class some years ago - time to give them a call!

 May is one of the best months in Scotland.  While we wait in these long winter nights (well ... not quite so long now as we have turned the corner with the Winter Solstice) here is a photo I took this week of a hellibore flower out by the washing line.   Yes, wet, wet, wet but gives colour as I stand over it hanging out the clothes.  (Also I am aware that everything is green ... no ice, no snow ... with green tips of bulbs starting to show.)

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