Thursday, 31 December 2015


It is New Year's Eve and here I am just getting a Christmas blog post done!  We are taking in the bells tonight with all of our old neighbours at Sandy and Lesley's house ... so this is going to be a rush job....

Christmas, of course, is for kids but we had our share of fun, food, friends and frivolity.  Pictures speak a thousand words... so here they are ...
The front door with the collected green boughs from Willie's farm.

Delivering presents in my lovely Swedish cloth bag which came from Inger earlier this year.

Brussel sprouts for dinner thanks to Lidl's.  Amazing as it may seem I have never seen sprouts growing and these are a variety that were in the veg section on a great big stalk! I just whacked them off and put them in the pot.

Bill and Connie joined us for Christmas dinner.  Bill brought a bottle of wine from his cellar .... 1966!   Five of us enjoyed a sherry glassful each.  It was fine, i.e. not corked and had  'character'.  (I am so used to the big, jammy reds we get nowadays that these older wines seem 'thin'!)

 Ellie at the coffee table.

 Friends house for morning coffee December 21st.

Late post from Alastair.  An Amazon delivery after Christmas arrived with this door-stopper of a book for me ... a Jazz Fakebook ... what I asked for ... I had a great laugh when I saw the size of it!

*  * * * * JOHN'S PHOTOS * * * * *

Dinner table with Iain in the background and Harriet in a high chair, left, behind Alastair.

 Grandma and Ellie with leftover chocolate sticky pudding.

 And then there are the dishes to do ...

 Harriet getting kitted up for the job...

 Two flowers in the shower....

I want to keep this photo of Ellie (11 months) and Harriet ( 2 1/2) and show it to them when they are 18!

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