Thursday, 26 November 2015


On a Tuesday after school we have Alastair (7) and Ishie (8) for a couple of hours. Now that the days are dark and it is too wet for the playpark behind the house we light the fire in the living room and get out the jigsaw to help pass the time at the wrong end of the day!

When Mairi arrives with Harriet (2 1/2) and Ellie (9 months) they are keen to 'help'!  Iain is in the centre.

* * * * *

I have been very busy preparing material for various publications for the yachting scene.  This photo, for public use, came across my desk; it is of a lovely big classic yacht Mariquita sailing in the Mediterranean last year.

Using Photoshop to make a mosaic tile effect I thought it would make a good jigsaw.

And the same thing goes for this photo I took at the Prizegiving and Dinner Dance held last Saturday. That is the Clyde Cruising Club burgee placed on a side table which functioned as the Photo Corner. The red and green tartan fabric underneath is a pipe band piper's all wool plaid (2 metres in length) three of which I had purchased in the Barras some 40 years ago!  

* * * * *

And talking about puzzles ...  I couldn't understand why after the family left on Tuesday I heard some weird noises when I put on the washing machine the next morning.

In amongst the dirty bibs, the two Betty Crocker Icing-covered kids' aprons were .... a fistful of teaspoons. (M-m-m-m ... I wonder what the collective noun is for teaspoons?)  

Let me guess ... a Little Harriet Person seems to be able to get into the cutlery drawer now!


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