Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Today was Ellie's first hurl in a trolly!  

After a very busy couple of weeks (desktop publishing newsletter and a poster) I finally unplugged myself from the computer in order to start on other things.  There is nothing better than to take one of the little ones out on a nice day!

And a couple of photos from the past month:

Harriet and Ellie in the double pram.  Harriet has her stookie off now.

Ellie makes us laugh as we watch her going from sitting to ... well ... not quite vertical yet!

This photo is of  Ellie in our kitchen as Mairi feeds her some of my pumpkin pie.

I made this pie several weeks ago.  It really was Kitchen Therapy i.e. get into the kitchen on a wet Sunday.  I make pumpkin pie for no-one but myself, although I was pleased Ellie seemed to relish it .... well, at least she did not spit it out!) After nearly 50 years of feeding in our household, pumpkin pie is the one thing ... along with peanut butter ... that folk in this part of the world will simply not eat.  End of story!)


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