Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Today marks the day that the Queen has been on the throne for 63 years which is longer than any other British monarch, including her great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

Although it was Business As Usual today for The Queen and Prince Philip, who were opening the new Edinburgh to Berwick Railway service, my neighbour and I decided to mark the day in the only fitting way possible ... go out for afternoon tea!  

So we downed our garden tools and headed to Ross Priory on Loch Lomond for the afternoon.

Tea for two in the lounge.

Roses in the courtyard.
The only time I have ever seen the Queen was in October 1951 when she (as Princess Elizabeth) was visiting Canada.  She was traveling on the CPR train and made a whistle top at our little town, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, which is was (is!) on the CPR railway line.

Looking up on Google about the Canadian visit I see it was a few months before her father died.  Apparently she was due to leave by boat a month earlier. but "tragedy struck at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. King George VI's health took a visible turn for the worse.

He returned to London to see lung specialists. Later ... the King had to have lung surgery. Elizabeth delayed her visit by one week."

He died February 6, 1952.  Princess Elizabeth, who was in Kenya, immediately became Queen at the age of 25, 63 years ago.

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