Friday, 21 August 2015


Banksy is at it again.  This Graffiti Artist is about to take us out of our comfort zone with is art. It appears that in Weston-super-Mere [England] a building site under construction was not actually for a film set but was the preparation for an art exhibition in the form of an amusement park called

It is designed to be dismal so that we can all have the experience of those family holidays where we trailed or were trailed around wet amusement parks, spending money at stalls where you were never going to win while being treated to the unhelpfulness of fairground staff.

Inside, however, 50 or so artists are having their work shown.  It appears from reading the website that Banksy, ever the anti-corporate and anti-consumer artist, has put a lot of effort into bad design, satire and painting images that make us squirm (e.g. boatloads of immigrants).

Sigh ....  I have waited years for him to spray paint this fellow below on the garage door ... 

...  I guess I will simply have to go to the derelict seaside site to see his work

except that there are queues and also the website has crashed.  

All part of the Banksy experience?!

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