Thursday, 23 July 2015


I came across this topic today.  It is about new technology for the dentist.  This company, Reminova,  has developed a revolutionary technology that could mean the end of dental filling, injections, and drilling.   [].

This British firm is bidding to consign dental drilling and filling to the medical history books by launching an equity crowdfunding campaign today (Wednesday 22 July 2015). King’s College London spin-out company, Reminova, wants £500,000 from UK and US individuals.

The Glasgow Herald today states:
"[The] Perth-based Reminova, a spin-out from King’s College London, has developed what it says is a pain-free treatment which reverses and repairs early-stage tooth decay."

[King's College description] states that the process is to re-build the tooth and heals it without the need for drills, needles or amalgam. By accelerating the natural process by which calcium and phosphate minerals re-enter the tooth to repair a defect, the device boosts the tooth’s natural repair process.

[Herald continues] "The device uses electrical pulses to restore growth to natural tooth enamel – a process called remineralisation. 

The developers are appealing to investors to get behind the company through what is believed to be the first equity crowdfunding campaign to be run simultaneously in the UK and the US."


It seems very exciting as I would imagine that it would be well supported as dentists whose practices are small businesses would be in a good position to invest.

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