Monday, 4 May 2015


Here are some photos I took this weekend.

It's a holiday Monday and also Iain's birthday ... so out with the BBQ.  This portiable BBQ from Tesco's kept both Alastair (7) and Ishie (8) busy tending sausages and mini-hampburgers.

I taught Alastair how to remove pomagranite seeds as done by cooking Domestic Godess Nigella Lawson.  He likes to whack whatever comes across his path so at least this is a productive way of using up his energy!

Baby Ellie, now 3 1/2 months old.

This is my tried and tested baby diversion system, aka front-loading washing machine.

Harriet, now nearly 2 years old is helping prepare Grandpa's birthday cake. I used my mother's Chocolate Cake recipe in which she has written on the top of the recipe card "from Eastern Star book".

The little dark coloured cookies on the top of the stand are something I have recently come across in Tesco's - Oreo mini-cookies.  They have had the normal size cookies on sale for about a year and they are probably 10 times the USA price. (Also giant marshmallows from USA are on sale and the same horrific price tag.)

Lastly, here is Ishie making marshmallow, chocolate and Smartie party treats.  In the background are kiddie plastic wine glasses as were were celebrating the birth of the new Royal Baby 2 days ago.

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