Friday, 26 December 2014


Having been laid low over Christmas with a tummy bug we are now getting back to  normal.  Iain who has been recovering from cracking 3 ribs several weeks ago is OK but trying not to be discouraged at how long it takes to bounce back to anything like "normal".

Sending and receiving Christmas cards are something we regard with pleasure.  In our advancing years it keeps us up to date on our contemporaries and their families.  This card above is one I kept from a previous year - it makes me laugh.

When I visited Anne B before Christmas she gave me some sprigs of holly from her garden. She has the lovely variegated variety and this year it had lots of berries.  

One of the things about living in a maritime climate is that we have greenery all year round.  I am probably one of the few people in this rather mild, wet country who really appreciates this! Growing up in a high continental climate (Canada) reminds me that any snow we do get is eventually melted by the moderating influence of the Gulf Stream and not lying until spring breakup in April.

This little sprig brought all the colour I needed on this rather dull, foggy day today!

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