Sunday, 14 December 2014


As they say in the song ... "Baby, it's cold outside!"

Iain and I are spending a lot of time in the house just now as he is recuperating from hurting his back.  He fell when he was with Alastair and Dawn in Oregon and, now home and in his own surroundings, he is ... well ... hengin' together.  No he did not injure his spine; he cracked 3 ribs (back, left side).

It's Christmas card time and here is the artwork for our 2014 card.  Peter arrived yesterday with his drawing of Seol-na-Mara in Stornoway.  No longer do I go to the printers for production of our annaul card .... going on 20 years or so.... but use the high-street photocopy agency.  (I am aware that is people like me who caused printers to go out of business.)

When stuck in the house I engage in my mother's strategy: get the baking tins out.  Faced with the situation of an abundance of limes from Maggie (who is away galavanting with Brian) I am faced with either drinking a large amount of gin or using them in a thai curry.  While I get my act together nothing is easier than (turning the radio on) and cutting out cookies.

Cookies for kiddies, cookies for the neighbours, cookies for me with a cup of tea in front of the fire.

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