Monday, 29 December 2014


Christmas dinner here had to be cancelled, well actually postponed, as both Iain and I were laid low with a tummy bug.  Now recovered we had various folk for a mid-day meal yesterday, Sunday. It worked out quite well being in the middle of the day as everyone is fresher (and people don't have to drive home in the dark).

Fruit salad, always on hand at any big meal we have, is greatly lifted with the addition of Christmasy-red pomegranate seeds.

My jazzed up breakfast this morning ... porridge and pomegranate with the last of the Bailey's Irish Cream from the Christmas (chocolate) pudding.

Burnt-out angles beneath the Christmas tree. Auntie Mary's decoration from many years ago are made of cloth so are relegated to the lower branches of the tree which are a better child-friendly position.

The garden this morning with my garden dolly (4 wheeled trolly which holds a heavy garden pot)  left out on the grass from yesterday (Sunday) when the 3 children were able to play outside for about half an hour in the early afternoon sun.  Too cold to head to the park, but it gave them a chance to stretch their legs and the adults could catch up on all their news.

A post-Christmas lift came in the form of this DVD in an Amazon cardboard envelope which was pushed through the letterbox mid-morning.   (Must have been a delivery van as Sunday is not a Royal Mail delivery day.)  

After everyone left, we put our feet up while I indulged in some pure nostalgia. Marilyn Monroe looks terrific - a real glamorous gal! It's a real frontier feel-good 1950s film made, I suppose, when the country was needing that sort of thing after the war.

Filmed in 1954 I recall we were on holiday with June Turner and family when we visited the location in the Jasper area where this film was being made.  Old photos show us standing in the doorway of a teepee... a bit odd as there does not seem to be a teepee in the film. 

And that's Christmas over for another year ..................................................

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