Friday, 25 July 2014


John organised tickets for the badminton events in the Emirates Arena built next to Celtic Park in the east end of Glasgow. Iain and I joined him and Ishie and Alastiar and had a day out starting with an early morning ride in on the train to the sports area and finishing with a general exploration of what is going on around other parts of the east side of the city.

The weather was glorious the whole day (reached hottest day of the year so far: 29 degrees Celsius or 84 degrees Fahrenheit).

We enjoyed watching Canada and Wales in the badminton but were very intrigued with these floor sweepers who diligently tidied the court between matches.  John and I reckoned we could each take one home for help in our respective homes!

We were impressed with the regeneration of the east side of Glasgow.  This huge Emirates Arena was given the once over by Iain.  The velodrome cycle track is on the other half of the building from where we watched court games.  Outside the whole area has new roads with their own cycle lanes, landscaping and affordable plus owner occupied housing built to meet the (ever pressing) housing requirement in that area.

 Ishie and Alastair enjoying the Clydie mascot statue at Bridgeton Cross.

The clock on top of Bridgeton Cross Victorian octagonal  structure which I assume is a band stand.

Glasgow Green was buzzing with activities for children and families.  It was tightly gated with airport type security at the entrance.  There was no charge and once in there was lots to see and do. This young pipe band was giving one of their members a shot on her violin.

We took a ride on the ferris wheel!  It must be 60 years since I have done that!  I have such happy memories of the Salmon Arm Fall Fair in the 50s having a ferris wheel and other small stalls where we could shoot at ducks and try and get Teddy bears.

The massive ferris wheel was situated right next to an obelisk which related to battles that Nelson was associated with.  Being in the wheel it was easier to read the words "Trafalgar" on one side; "Copenhagen" on another.

I was intrigued to see a section of the River Clyde which is usually is not seen from the road.

In Glasgow's industrial hey-day this bridge brought the workers from their huge tenement housing schemes over the river to the various 'works' that were situated in the area.

Finally, it was too hot to do any more exploring so I sat on the grass in front of the big stage with its huge banks of speakers and big screen to the side.  Those black vertical blocks in the photo are 12 speakers suspended in a cluster on each side of the screen. And that doesn't count the ones that were situated on the stage itself (out of the photo to the right)!

Anyhow ... I took this photo because I wanted to show Iain (who had gone home at this point) one of his old students from Strathclyde University: Aidan O'Rourke.  He is 20 years older than we remember him but he and his fiddle are obviously doing well! He was playing with a (his?) band called Lau.

So all in all a good day!

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