Friday, 25 April 2014


There was a news item this week that Mairi picked up on the internet.  It was about an old WW2 mine that has been on the beach on the west side of Eigg.  The story is on the Daily Mail website here.   This photo accompanying the article has been doing the rounds on Facebook etc.  It is by Ben Cormack.

I took it from the Daily Mail website.  The caption says: "Ben's dog Captain Haddock has one last stand on the mine before it is destroyed.   Ben, 32, added: 'The mine was a British one used to protect Allied shipping lanes in World War II from German U-boats and warships. It’s a rare example as they are not usually found with the explosive casing still intact. That’s why they were very worried.'  "

It was the dog that intrigued me.  Anyone who sails knows this beach (Inner Hebrides) well.


I took this photo in 1997 and that is our boat, the yellow one, in the distance. I don't know the man in the photo but wonder if it is the same dog! There are, of course, many on the island....!

Again another time, another photo; this time of cows at the end of the day.  Both of these photos were taken in the days before digital cameras.

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