Sunday, 23 March 2014


Alastair's school held a Learning Festival this week.  Their project was The Vikings.  He had to dress up as a Viking and here he is in his garb complete with a kilt pin which was given to him when he was born.

We were very impressed with how he said his lines on the stage.  He learned them 'word perfect' and, with some coaching from us through the week, he said them loudly and clearly so that we could hear him in the back row of the hall. The Festival concept included many aspects of Viking life and culture: their boats, exploration in the  northern latitudes, their influence in Scotland, etc.

Ishie and I had some fun a couple of weeks ago - the two of us headed of to Ikea to buy a high-chair for Harriet.  As soon as we arrived we headed upstairs to browse through the displays.  Immediately at the top of the stair I spotted this multi-coloured rug.  I said to Ishbel "Oh-h-h-h I like that rug.  I'm going to buy it!" She immediately responded "Right" and moved on.  Well I had a real 'double take'!  I am so used to ... "Whatdya want to buy that for?" "Do you need it?"  Delightful! We must do this more often!

Here is Grandpa teaching Alastair how to tie a reef knot.  Our Viking needed a belt for his outfit and this odd piece of cord did the trick.

Finally as they were getting their shoes on at the door, and I was holding Harriet, I said to Alastair "I think we'll keep Harriet here to stay with us..."  Without missing a beat he replied "If she stays, I stay!"

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