Saturday, 1 February 2014


Alastair is 6 years old tomorrow.  Mairi and the children came over for morning coffee (in theory) and we decorated a cake* that I had made earlier.

Here is Mommy and her little 'helpers'.

I made a birthday card for Alastair using a snail image I found on the internet.  This snail is on a scooter which is what Alastair is getting for his birthday tomorrow.

And here is the  snail cake* complete with chocolate buttons, lime or should that be 'slime' greeen marshmallows and ice cream sugar crystals from the local Italian ice-cream cafe.

Oh boy!   Is this what one might call 'All Hands on Deck'  ?!!!

* The recipe I use is  my mother's and is nothing like hers, i.e. mine is OK in texture but pale brown instead of deep chocolatey brown and tastes mostly of sugar.

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