Thursday, 23 January 2014


My Never-Fail baby seat was brought into use again this morning when Mairi arrived with Harriet.  She is 7.5 months and has now graduated to being placed in the laundry basket in front of the washing machine.  I mean ... what's a washing machine for if not to keep a wee one occupied for 2 whole minutes?!

Mairi and Iain are sorting out the paper work for a replacement car for Iain.  It's "All Change" as his old one goes to Mairi.

There is a link here to a similar topic last September.

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Vagabonde said...

I saw that you have published 100 posts! My goodness that is quite an achievement! So I went to look at my blog as I did not know how many I had published since March 2009, and it is only 259! Or about 50 to 51 a year. So I counted that I have to blog about another 15 years to have as many posts as you … of course, as you know, my posts are quite long – so maybe they could count as 3 or 4 posts, maybe?
I love to look at your grandchildren. I just saw a picture of our little granddaughter, who is 8 months now, and she also changes constantly.