Wednesday, 15 January 2014


This post goes with the previous one as it is about a milestone reached in the number of posts done since I started in May 2007 (6 years ago).

I wanted to do as As At position regarding the family so here are the grandchildren ... the rest of us shall be "background" for purposes of this exercise.

Here is Indy, aged 2.5 years who lives in Vancouver.  He is coming along a treat!  We speak every week to him on Skype where we get to see him larking about and chattering.  He continues to maintain good health and for that we are all so very grateful!

Next is Harriet, aged 7.5 months. I took this photo today.  She's on the kitchen floor as I make a Shepherd's Pie for dinner.  She's rolling over and trying to get her legs up under her so she can start crawling.  She's as bright as a button and if she wants something she hollers - no whimpering for this one!

So where are Alastair (aged 6 years old in 2 weeks' time) and Ishie (just turned 7 years old on New Year's Eve)?  Here they are last Sunday when they were all over for Sunday dinner.  They are lining up the ornaments on the living room window ledge while we talked in front of the fire.  

They are both doing very well at school and keep the rest of us on our toes with all their hi-jinks!  

For example, 

Grandma: "Where are the wooden owls from the window ledge?"  Cheeky Monkeys: "Mr Nobody must have hidden them..." 

I'm here to tell you Mr Nobody spends a lot of time in our house!

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