Sunday, 1 December 2013


Because of the Clutha Vaults incident yesterday (see post) I did not post my prepared material.  So here it is today.

I was greatly taken with Google's Doodle yesterday which celebrated Scotland's St Andrew's Day. I thought it was quite clever with the waving flags and pretty well got it right with all their little bits of artwork including the colour of blue, i.e. St Andrew's blue.

What colour is St Andrew's Blue anyhow.?  Fascinating subject!  Here is one discussion but ... like the energy crisis ... I will not get started on that particular debate!  Be that as it may here are 2 versions I got off the internet:
 This is Pantone 300
 This is Hex  #0072C6.

  St Andrew's blue is not the dark navy blue often seen in the flags people make.

Does the blue come the colour of the sky at this latitude?  I don't know ... but here are some examples below - take your pick!

Loch Earn in August 2013. This is in front of the Four Seasons Hotel where we had our family reunion for Indy's 2nd birthday this summer.

Crinan on the west end of Crinan Canal.  The weather vane on top of the house at the sea lock.

Cromarty lighthouse.  East coast of Scotland, facing the North Sea.

Robert Burns on top of pedestal in George Square, Glasgow city centre.

Seol na Mara on west coast of Scotland this summer. (Iain's photo)

 Wind turbine in forest in Caithness en route to Thurso this summer.

 Weather vane on top of office building in Glasgow city centre showing Victorian red sandstone architecture.

Edinburgh sky taken at Grey Friar's pub (and Bobby) looking north.

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