Friday, 25 October 2013


On our morning walk to school this week Alastair was telling me about a card game he had been playing.  He said that one of the cards was a "live" card  and that you could cheat with it.

M-m-m-m ... I think what he meant was a "wild" card !   I mentioned this and pointed out that it was a card that could mean either good or bad depending on whatever you decided in the game and that it wasn't really about cheating.... a Bad Thing to do!

Be that as it may,  here is a cobbled together Wild Card or Joker that I created (using Photoshop) from Alastair's drawing (last spring, aged just 5 years old i.e. Primary One) of an elephant.  I thought his artwork was rather good! He appears to have attempted to depict 3 dimensions with his line down the front of the elephant's head.

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