Tuesday, 30 July 2013


July has been a wonderful month!  The fine weather continues with occasional rain showers to keep gardeners and farmers happy.

Grandma's Trademark: Margaret River (Australian) wine in the garden. I bought a case from Marks and Spencer last Christmas and would do it again if and when we drink this lot.  I haven't been using up the wine supply this summer as friends and family are not drinking for one reason or another (i.e. health usually).  That's OK... it'll keep.

Talk about drinking ... here is Iain feeding Baby Harriet a few week's ago.  She is absolutely no bother.  I suppose being the 3rd they make sure they yell when they are hungry.  I hear Baby George, third in line to the throne, and born 6 weeks after Harriet, "cries a lot".  Sounds like things are pretty normal!

Grandpa's Trademark: Is it the sailor home from the sea or the hunter home from the hill?  No Iain is back at the end of 2 weeks' lecturing to French students at Strathclyde.

Big sister Ishie is covering Alastair with the grass clippings from the park behind our house.  Great stuff ... hours of play!

Kids' Trademark: in the garden on the step where you have to leap over the fence to the park.

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