Thursday, 4 July 2013


Is it old age and decrepitude or are jars getting harder to open these days?

Never mind plastic tubs whose seal won't tear up or sideways or even off all at once or even in bits ...  and cartons that defy my efforts to tear them open, it is plain old jars that are factory sealed to withstand fire, hurricane and earthquake.  Why else would they take a trip to the workshop vice to get the thing to unpop and screw off successfully?  (And there wasn't 3 layers of packaging to get to this stage either!)

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Dawn in NL said...

I hate opening jars too, my grip is not as it was. My trick is to give the side ofthe lid a sharp tap on a wooden chopping board, enough to put a small dent in the lid. Then it opens - ta da.
Saves you walking to the workshop!