Sunday, 28 July 2013


In the spring Ishie brought me a seed packet of peas.  I started them in a tray on the window ledge and then moved them outside to get bigger.  They sprouted extremely easily ... which is more than I can say for some other seeds I purchased.

We planted them out in April or early May.  There were dozens of plants and my neighbour reminded me recently that Ishie went about planting them "in families", i.e. groups of 3 or 4 about the garden in amongst the flowers.  And there they are above.  It is worth mentioning that Mairi was expecting in early June so the topic of "family" must have been in her mind at the time.

I picked the first harvest today.  They were big, plump and absolutely disease free.  Amazing!

I simply love shelling peas... could sit for hours doing this.  So here are some "families" on the place mat at the table while Iain cooks some chicken for dinner.

I cooked them (just for myself) in the microwave with a bit of mint from the garden.

The finished product.  The water from cooking tasted not only minty but quite sweet!

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