Saturday, 23 February 2013


Every Thursday the grandchildren come to me after school.  I collect them in the car and we come back to our house for a McKechnie's roll.  In Scotland these rolls are called "morning rolls".  It is a large roll or "bun" if you're American, but is like a French baquette - not steamed bread and very flavoursome.)  I bring out a block of Normandy butter and have it on the rolls; it simply tastes better and reminds me of eating in France. 

Ishie (6) and Alastair (5)

But this Thursday we had a bonus. Anne B gave me left-over cholocate birthday cake she had made for Alan.  I took this photo for Anne as it showed the kids launching into the cake she had made and also  showed the funeral flowers from the coffin wreath that she divided up and gave to various friends.

Pride of place on her mantlepiece is a condolence card Ishie made for Anne.  We delivered it last  Thursday, the day after  Donald died (February 7th)*  It is Ishie's drawing of Donald in Heaven, i.e. a graveyard with a figure drawn lying flat in the middle of it.  Well ... who says Heaven has to be  "ethereal"?  Anne and I agreed that Heaven for Donald would definitely be on a mountain top somewhere!

* More on this anon.

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