Sunday, 16 December 2012


Alastair and Ishie arrived this morning with mum and dad. Auntie Jean and Uncle John couldn't manage as they had to return south after their visit.

 It is always good to have helpers to decorate the house at Christmastime.

My Christmas tree decorations go back many, many years.  Each one has a story.  The ones that have survived tend to be the cloth ones as seen here.  Thanks to IKEA this year it is to be a fabric tree (photograph on a 2 metre piece of cotton) which has served our purposes perfectly. (Christmas without a tree, for me, is unthinkable!)  So this cloth one that I suspended from the pulley in spare room - playroom - workroom kept them busy with ornaments suspended from safety pins stuck in at strategic points on the 'branches'.

The supervisors who look like they have had one too many glasses of mulled wine!

 Alastair lives in hope ....  It might be called "doubling your chances"!

 Liz and I were at the Glasgow Cathedral Choral Society concert last night.  The heating in that vast place had broken down but they (through Historic Scotland)  had taken a leaf out of the pop concert people's book and brought in 4 heater-blowers to help things along.  The good news is that we were warm but the noise of the fans did not help the sound of the choir and orchestra... a small price to pay!  And anyhow, we just had to sing the carols more lustily!

* * * * * 

And where does all this leave the Christmas correspondence?

Migrated to the floor while coffee and scones took over the dining room table.

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