Monday, 8 October 2012


 I had to drive to Largs today to pay a visit to a sailmaker ... not to have a sail repaired but rather it was to discuss the possibility of making a new replacement cover for our gazebo.  I bought this garden gazebo 2 years ago and it has served us really well.  However the material is perishing as it is rather thin and has been exposed to the sun as it sits in the south side of the house.

The drive back to Glasgow was lovely as I followed the shore of the Clyde all the way back up the motorway.

 On the edge of the river between Port Glasgow and the city of Glasgow are these bits of old wood sticking out of the water.  They look like they have been the posts for an old wharf or something but ... no ... they are what is left of a timber pond.  When timber arrived in the Clyde destined for the shipyards or sawmills instead of holding it all in a log-boom they build enclosures - a bit like a paddock - in the shallow water along the shore and held the timber in there.  These are the rotted remnants.

This sign explains how it dates back to the beginning of the 18th century when timber was being imported from North America and Europe.

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