Thursday, 2 August 2012


Of the group of islands comprising the Orkney Isles, Westray (and Papa Westray) are the most northerly. We spent a week there and were greatly taken with the island.

We stayed at a very well-built holiday accommodation called Bis Geos which was a couple miles north of the main harbour town of Pierowall on the road to Noup Head lighthouse.

The vista was stunning as we watched the weather systems rolling in.  The large conservatory in the front of the house was well appointed and cosy. The garden at the side and back was also nicely planted and cared for.

Everywhere you go in Orkney there are tractors. Here is the man from Noup Farm plowing the field in front of the house.

Bis Geos  is a rock formation on the coast where there is a deep cleft in the coastal edge.  These are John's photos above showing the geological formation down at the water's edge.

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