Wednesday, 15 August 2012


School has started again in our part of the world.  This is earlier than most other countries.  Also children start school aged 4 years old.

Here are Ishie, aged 5 and a half going into Primary 2 and Alastair, aged 4 and a half, starting for the first time in Primary 1. He has already had 2 days of orientation visits earlier this year.  Also he has been to Nursery and Playgroup so is very familiar with group drills and activities.  (It is harder for children perhaps in rural areas who haven't been through the pre-school forms of collective 'education'.)  Also their little friends from either Nursery or Playgroup are there in the playground waiting for them.

Mairi, who accompanied Alastair on his first day (actually it is half days for the first 6 weeks), took this photo on her iPhone.  He seems to have settled in OK; eventually he turned to her and said "You can go now Mum"!

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