Sunday, 22 April 2012


Iain and I have been away visiting friends on the east coast of Scotland.  This part of Scotland sticks out into the North Sea and is flat, very fertile and while cold, it is a dry cold, rather biting.  (The west is more of the misty, moisty damp kind of cold!) It is only a couple of hours' drive but has a completely different feel to the country compared to our west coast.

There are picturesque villages dotted all along the coast; this is Anstruther, down at the harbour.

An old lifeboat on the pier wall at Anstruther sits on display along from the very fine lifeboat building in the far right background.

I was taken with this sculpture above the entrance doorway of one of the Victorian sandstone buildings in the town.  It is Waid Academy, a secondary school on St Andrews Road, Anstruther.  It was opened in 1886 from money left for the education for the sons of poor mariners and fishermen in the East Neuk of Fife.  In 1959 it received a coat of arms.  It was designed by Stewart Lees, teacher of Art at the school from 1953 to 1960 and shows a ship passing between towers or pier heads. The logo is underscribed by the Latin phrase Multi Pertransibunt Et Augebitur Scientia - many will pass through and knowledge will be increased.

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