Monday, 23 April 2012


Crail, in the East Neuk of Fife is lovely. Once a very busy fishing village it is  now a very nice, very smart, village for tourists.  At least that is the impression I got walking around.  It was the Easter holidays and the rows of tidy, nicely painted cottages, once housing fisher folk, how had 4x4s and sports cars outside them, i.e. a few of them, otherwise the place was deserted.  Where are the locals?  Where are the visitors?  Where do they get their day to day provisions?

We had a long beach walk to the point of land north of Crail that sticks out into the North Sea known as Fife Ness.  (Ness means 'head'.)   Here, carved into the rocks on the shore is the ....  template?... for making the stone for lighthouse construction off the coast. While the Bell Rock Lighthouse is out of sight northeast of here it could have been for other structures built on reefs and rocks off this coast.

Crail Church (of Scotland)  and its church yard was extremely well tended.  I know that the building is a much admired venue for the very high calibre musicians they get for the East Neuk of Fife Music Festival held each year at the end of June into early July.

I fell into conversation with a man passing through the grounds as it appears to link one street to another.  He told me to look along the above wall and see where arrowheads were sharpened.  M-m-m-m ... the only think of interest I could find was this bolt between the stones.  I have no reason to doubt him; it is just ... how would one tell?

The stone tablet over the doorway of this small building in the churchyard says
"Erected for  ......uring the DEAD: ANN  DOM:  MDCCCXXVI " 
Roman numeral date is 1826.

Roof tiles on a small building next to the entrance of the churchyard.

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sandcastle said...

Hope you'll come back and visit soon. We have 3 Festivals coming soon to Crail - the Crail Food Festival 15 - 17 June, the East Neuk Festival (throughout the East Neuk) at the end of June/early July and the Crail Festival during the Glasgow Fair Fortnight in July.