Saturday, 10 March 2012


March is here and the days are definitely getting longer. We have all kept clear of coughs and cold so far but we know that there are a good 4 to 6 weeks to go before it gets noticeably warmer.  So to keep us all smiling in these shoulder months of the year here are Grandma's 3 little rays of sunshine.

Alastair, now 4 years old, makes us smile with his "Alastair-isms".  One sunny, blue sky day we looked up at the sun and commented that we were so glad to see it!  It seems to be smiling down on us at which point Alastair looks up and says "Say 'CHEESE' Sun!"

Sometimes we drop into Anne B's house and have our picnic lunch at her kitchen table. She enjoys a chatty 4 year old as it makes a change from her home-caring role of nearly 10 years now.  Outside in the garden Alastair was standing in a bunch of snowdrops under maple tree. He shouts up to us on the front steps, "Look at me in the raindrops!"

This week Ishie helped me make Shepherd's Pie for dinner.  Does she like Shepherd's Pie?  "No".  But ... a transformation ... after doing all the mashing and spreading and taking out of the oven, she ate her way through a plateful and enjoyed it!

And finally every week we speak to Alastair and Dawn and get to see Baby Indy on Skype.  They are all well too and wee Indy is coming on a treat.  Here he is again where you can see what a beautiful pair of eyes he has! Can you tell which one is the artificial eye?!  Every time I tell people about how he now a growing boy with the prosthesis in his left eye we all agree that the fitting of it, especially the fact that it has 60 degrees rotation, is quite amazing! Like us, they were simply unaware of how, these days,  there is such wonderful treatment available for people (in the Western world) who lose an eye.


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