Saturday, 31 March 2012


It was the last day of school for the children so the Easter holidays, in this part of the world, have started (2 weeks off). 

So for me, what does this mean?

[1]  Time to have Happy Hour - End of Winter and Start of Holidays - celebratory dinner.  Having just received a consignment of wine from David M. it to be tested; Ishie made the cupcakes with the obligatory "Pink for Girls" icing.  Mairi, Alastair and Iain arrived from the nether regions of work, nursery and garden in that order.


[2] Get out in the garden.  The weather has been absolutely wonderful with clear blue skies but quite cold in he evening.  It is like this over the whole of the U.K. as we can see from the satellite pictures. These seedlings are lupins which do very well and last until the very late days of autumn.

[3]  No piano lessons for 2 weeks as teacher's calendar is tied to school calendar.  So Sevillanas by Albeniz will ... not be put aside but ... take second place to other activities.


 It has been a good winter piano-wise not least for being in sunny Spain since Christmas.  It would appear this Spanish music is "really me". (I like all that modal stuff.)

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